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Ben 10 Chest Badge Ultimatrix

Chest Badge Ultimatrix
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Ben 10

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Chest Badge Ultimatrix - a great Ben 10 toy by Ben 10 is totally cool to play with. It's my opinion you will love that the product offers this feature, chest badge ultimatrix features 14 alien voices. Other features include power rangers spring 2012, blister card packaging and deploys out of badge when pressed. It's 6.38" Height x 10.38" Length x 10.38" Width and weighs only 0.65 lbs. The warranty information from Ben 10, is 120 day warranty against defects. For the greatest price on this item and various other Ben 10 toys, visit the market add to cart button below.

Hang this Ben 10 Ultimate Chest Badge around your neck or clamp it to your clothing for a fun choice of on-command alien voices. Just like within the cartoon, this badge ejects spikes and lights up. With a easy turn in the dial you can choose which Alien Force character you wish to hear. Ages: 4+ years


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