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Ben 10 Intergalactic Plumber Command Center

Intergalactic Plumber Command Center

Ben 10

Package Quantity: 1

I in fact loved that the toy has the feature of comes with missile turret and three missiles for firing at enemy invaders. Other highlights consist of ships in closed box. The toy is 13"H x 3"L x 16"W. It has a weight of 2.7 lbs. 32245 is the part number for this Ben 10 toy, add to cart by clicking the link below.

The Command Center - where all the Ben 10 Omniverse action goes down! If you've got the action figures you can't let them go without this amazing Intergalactic Plumber Command Center! Within the Plumber Spaceship there's only 1 place exactly where all the actual action seems to go down - right here inside the Intergalactic Plumber Command Center! With the Ben 10 Omniverse Intergalactic Plumber Command Center playset you get an exclusive Petalliday action figure, a teleportation chamber, and missile stations. Ages 4 and up. The Command Center can even be combined with every single of the Training Room, Jail, and Laboratory playsets (sold separately) to form the entirety of the Plumber Spaceship for 1 awesome 21-inch tall super playset. Playset comes with an exclusive figure, teleportation chamber, and more. Combine with all of the 3 basic playsets to form the Plumber Spaceship!


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