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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Wildmutt Haywire

Ultimate Alien Wildmutt Haywire

Ben 10

Package Quantity: 1

Ultimate Alien Wildmutt Haywire certainly fun to play with! I really loved that it has the feature of articulated 4" figure part of haywire series. Other highlights include comes with 1" mini figure and power rangers spring 2012. It's dimensions are 1" Height x 4.5" Length x 3" Width. New Ultimate Alien Wildmutt Haywire , add to cart by clicking the hyperlink below.

The Ultimatrix has gone Haywire and have mixed up alien DNA! Each 4 Inch Haywire Ultimate Alien figure comes with a mini alien figure. The new Haywire series attributes Ultimate Aliens with exclusive DNA mixtures that have color mashups. Place the mini alien figure on top from the Revolution Ultimatrix (sold separately) and watch your alien spin into action!


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